Reaction to Abolitionism

Newspaper with the Headline of the South's Secession
Since the North and South had completely opposite economies and views on slavery in the antebellum period, abolitionism caused a lot of conflict and tension within the Union which lead to an uprising within the South.  This rising conflict forshadowed that a sudden and drastic event was about to take place.  
  • Representatives and people from the Southern states felt it was time to take matters into their own hands
  • Reaction to the North attempting to end slavery was to seceed from the Union, forming the Confederate States of America
  • Southerners rejected the call to end slavery within the country and were willing to fight for their rights  
  • Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, promised the South the freedom entitled to them by the Constitution, which they had been deprived of by the North
  • Newly appointed Republican president Abraham Lincoln, unhappy with Southern secession, was determined to reunify the country he was suppose to lead
  • Led to the beginning of the Civil War